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IRE offers three levels of Web-hosting plans to journalism organizations.
All plans include:
  • We charge a one-time, $25 setup fee.
  • We will handle the one-time domain registration and bill you for the $25 fee charged by VeriSign, Inc.
  • We will handle the yearly domain renewal and bill you for the $25 fee charged by VeriSign, Inc.
  • FTP account to upload/download site content.
  • Web traffic analysis reports.
  • Hit counters.
  • Allow userwritten CGI scripts.
  • FormEngine CGI-script to create Web forms.
  • Server-side includes.
  • Daily backups.
  • Telephone support.

Service Plans You can choose from three plans that offer a maximum of the following services:
  • Bronze plan: $10/month, 20MB disk space, 10 POP3 e-mail addresses, 10 e-mail forwards, 2 e-mail listservs, 10 auto mail responders.
  • Silver plan: $20/month, 50MB disk space, 20 POP3 e-mail addresses, 20 e-mail forwards, 5 e-mail listservs, 20 auto mail responders.
  • Gold plan: $30/month, 130MB disk space, 30 POP3 e-mail addresses, 30 e-mail forwards, 10 e-mail listservs, 30 auto mail responders. If you need more services, you can purchase the additional services listed below.

Prices for services in addition to the Gold plan:
  • Hosting on IRE/NICAR servers: You may purchase disk space over 130MB at a very affordable monthly rate: $5/100MB extra, up to 500MB extra.
  • Direct e-mail: $1/address for additional addresses over 30.
  • E-mail forwarding: $1/address for additional forwards over 30.
  • Listservs (e-mail mailing lists): Setup free, $5/month upkeep per 500 people, for additional listservs over 10.
  • Auto mail responders: $1/additional auto mail responder over 30.
Optional Services (these are optional services accompanying a Bronze/Silver/Gold Web-hosting plan):
  • Site search engine: One-time setup fee of $20.
  • Searchable listserv archive: One-time setup fee of $20.
  • Discussion forums: One-time setup fee of $20.
  • Subdomains: One-time setup fee of $20.
  • Chapter Web site setup: $5/chapter one-time setup fee.
  • SSL Secure Web server: See below.
  • Member-only site authentication: $150 setup, $5/month.
  • Real Media Audio/Video server: $50 setup, $5/month.
  • Searchable database: Negotiable.
  • Page design/maintenance/upkeep by IRE: Negotiable.
  • Dedicated server maintenance: Negotiable.
  • Other custom programming: Call 573-882-2042 or e-mail for details.

SSL Secure Web Server (an optional service accompanying a Bronze/Silver/Gold Web-hosting plan):
One-time setup fee: $100
Monthly fee: $5
One-time VeriSign, Inc. setup fee: $349 ($449 if outside the U.S.)
Yearly VeriSign, Inc. secure-server ID renewal: $249 ($349 if outside the U.S.)