Services we offer
Return to About offers low-cost Web hosting and mailing list services to nonprofit journalism organizations as well as resources to journalists, journalism educators and the public via the Web.

Created by journalists for journalists, offers one-stop shopping with a community of related professional journalism Web sites. A single search can yield documents at all the sites hosted by - a valuable tool for the journalist trying to find information quickly from a variety of sources.

Here's what can offer to the professional journalism organization:
  1. Space for a Web site with your domain name, either on our servers or on your dedicated server. A Web site is the starting point for any organization seeking to establish an online presence. Your site can be viewed by anyone using a machine capable of establishing a connection to the Internet. Web-hosting plans start at $10/month for 20MB disk space, and up to 500MB may be purchased at a very affordable rate. Subdomains may be added for a one-time charge of $20, to provide additional sites off of your main site (ex.: If you had, you could add a subdomain called for a staff intranet). See's Price List for details.

  2. FTP account, with your unique domain name and ftp server, to remotely maintain your Web-site content. You can also use this to deliver documents via FTP to the public or to exchange files privately among members of the organization. This is a free, standard service.

  3. E-mail addresses, again with your own unique domain name. Although there are limitations on the number of e-mail addresses we are capable of giving out, if you opt for a dedicated server, you can conceivably provide an e-mail address for any member wishing to pay the extra premium for name recognition with their professional journalism organization. Our $10/month plan offers 10 e-mail accounts and 10 e-mail forwards. See's Price List for details.

  4. Industrial-strength mailing list management. We will set up any number of mailing lists to facilitate communication among members of your organization. Our $10/month plan offers two mailing lists. See's Price List for details.

  5. Infobots and autoresponders. These are e-mail services that can automate frequently requested documents and information about your organization. Our $10/month plan offers 10 e-mail autoresponders. See's Price List for details.

  6. Online registration and product sales. With our secure Web servers and customized programming, we can facilitate online membership sign-up and conference registration, as well as provide a virtual marketplace for you to distribute books, videos, etc. The secure Web server is an additional service accompaning a Web-hosting plan. There is a $100 setup fee, and the monthly fee is $5. See's Price List for details.

  7. Customized Web site development. Our team of professional Web designers, authors and programmers can design a site or database for you. The charge is negotiable. Contact for details.

  8. Secure discussion forums and membership-only areas. Offer your members a site on the Web only they have access to. Deliver your newsletter online, but only to paying members. The setup charge is $10 for a discussion forum and $150 for a membership-only area. There is a $5/month charge for a membership-only area. Contact for details.

  9. Real Media Audio/Video server. With our RealNetworks RealServer, offer your members a chance to see conferences that they might have missed. Communicate better to promote effective training, or implement a distance learning program. The RealServer is an additional service accompanying a Web hosting plan. The setup charge is $50 and the monthly charge is $5. Contact for details.
Please note that these services aren't limited to national organizations -- we can facilitate sites for local chapters as well.

Most services can be accomplished using our main server. But for some, you may want to consider your own dedicated server. We can maintain your industrial-strength UNIX or NT-based Internet server and high-speed Internet access, if your needs so dictate. This option is more suited to the organization that requires a high degree of interaction between its members and chapters, as whole communities can be built online.